Hotwired directors cut

Description: Scene 1: Who wouldn’t want to slurp on Mike Branson’s cock? Brennan Foster enters the men’s room to find Jake Andrews at work, and soon the two pull the voyeur into their fun. Andrews and Foster both open their holes for Branson’s legendary piece.

Scene 2: Fans of each other’s work, Tom Chase and Kevin Williams work out a deal in the pool: Williams gets to see Chase’s giant dick, and Chase gets a crack at Williams’ ass. It’s a match made in heaven that pairs the total top with the power bottom.

Scene 3: Director’s Cut Footage The shaved head of built and beautiful Addison Scott makes a memorable impression as he handles both holes of Johnny Rider. After some kissing, pit licking and sucking, Rider opens up everything that Addison has to give him … including a variety of monster toys, his fist, and finally his cock as Addison takes control of his hungry boy.

Scene 4: Office man Brennan Foster has lusted after water boy Gregor Yelson, and soon his fantasies come true, as the uncut stud rises underneath Foster’s desk for some fun. After some tongue and finger play, the two trade fucks atop the office desk.

Bonus Scene From FVP122 “Betrayed” Jeff Palmer fists Kevin Williams: Jeff Palmer spots a jockstrapped Kevin Williams enjoying a supercock on his own. Jeff joins in, stretching Kevin’s hole wide with the massive latex cock before rimming, fingering, fisting and finally pumping Kevin’s eager ass with his own stiff tool.

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Duration: 01:54:24

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