Gays Hot Actions of Easton & Sean Peyton (1080p)

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Cast: Easton, Sean Peyton
Genres: Bareback, Raw, Rough, Big Dick, Anal, Oral, Suck, Fuck, Blowjob, Cum

Wow! Another Serviced video that got out of control!

During his solo, Easton stated he had mostly been a Top, but now considered himself versatile. But with Bottom Boy Sean in the room, he definitely gave off some serious Top vibes.

The chemistry was instant as they make-out and get each other’s clothes off. Ohhhh, you can tell this is going to be good!

Before Sean can even suck on Easton’s cock, Easton has him bent over so he can rim Sean’s hairy hole. He dives in deep, licking and lapping between his spread cheeks. Clearly Easton loves to eat ass, and Sean loved it.

After that, Easton makes him suck his cock. For a little guy, Easton sure has a whopper of cock! Sean does his best to deep throat him, but with Easton upright he can only get so much down his throat. He gets Easton on his back for some proper servicing. Gulp! Watching Easton writhe around as Sean licks his head is an amazing thing to watch!

Sean spins around and sits on Easton’s face, continuing to suck on his cock. Easton is thrilled by being able to eat ass and have his cock serviced. Eventually they both end up sucking each other’s cock, and they both go balls deep at the same time, deep throating each other in unison!

Sean climbs back around to kiss him, rubbing his cock along his own ass.

And that’s when things got crazy!

Sean slides Easton’s cock in and the two just start fucking like horny beasts! Sean rides his cock, and then Easton tosses him to his side and fucks him hard.

You can tell by the camera work I am just chasing them around, trying to get my cameras in at awkward angles. But they were totally in the moment, barely listening to my directions to let me see what is going on.

Easton gets him doggie-style and really hammers his ass!

After that, I kind of stepped in and tried to bring it back to the oral video. Yeah I know, it could have been a great creampie ending, but many of us love watching guys eat each other’s loads too!

You may also notice there is no HiRes images of the fucking action. Well, that’s because the two just started fucking, and then next thing you know the guys are busting their nuts.

Sean jerks and sucks Easton’s cock until cum is flying out everywhere. It is a powerful orgasm that will only make you envious when you see Easton’s reaction! Powerful!

Like a pro, Sean quickly busts a load, giving Easton a chance to suck the remaining cum from cock.

I left in Sean’s reaction after the two cumshots. He has this great expression on his face like, "Well, how’d you like that!?"

Well played Sean! Well played!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:25
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4876kbps
Audio: 107kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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