Gays His Sonands Best Friend Part 2 (Nick Capra, Sam Truitt)

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Sam Truitt has a chat with his about how Sams friend Colton is going to be staying with them, working around the house in exchange for a room and board. Sam shows up at Nick Capras house and as soon as theyre inside their hands are all over each other, kissing and canoodling. Nick is hot and ready to hook up with his former student now that he doesnt have to worry about getting fired. He grabs the twinks face and starts kissing him, and then pushes him down on the bed and crawls on top of Sam, pressing him into the bed. Nick rips Sams shirt in half, desperate to take it off, and pins Sams hands down while grinding into him. Sam takes Nicks clothes off and launches on his cock, drooling all over it. He tries to fit Nicks big cock in his little mouth until he gags. Nick rims his former students ass and then flips him over to start fucking him. Nick pumps deep into Sams little ass as the guys work up a sweat and a hot, sticky load.

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