Hayden & orlando

Studio: chaosmen

I thought i would put wholesome looking orlando with bad boy hayden.i really like hayden. he is mature, so i can relate to him better than the other models. but orlando, my friends and i all agree, he is definitely boyfriend material. if only we all were 20 years younger and orlando was actually gay.he is just so adorable, and every time i am around him i think how much fun it would be to snuggle with him. that smile of his is irrepressible! (actually hayden would be fun to play with too!)but orlando brings out the romantic side out of you, whereas hayden makes you think dirty thoughts.so we start of this movie with orlando taking the lead, kissing down hayden’s body and sucking his cock till it is hard. i tossed in some pov-cam for fun, and i am really like this new feature. it’s not too obtrusive, and kind of fun to watch the guys filming each other work their equipment.it’s a tricky thing to pull off as i kind of need guys like hayden who’s dick stays solid for a long time. it…

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Duration: 20:49
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