Growlboys – Stray – Ch 3, Faun’s Leap

Alex’s eyes looked off, past his computer screen. The alerts and messages tried their best to grab his attention, but he was lost in thought, thinking back to his remarkable night. He could practically still smell the musk of his lover’s body after their passionate fuck, exhausted, sweaty, and magical.

Eddie was unlike anyone else he’d ever met. He could see it in his eyes and the way his body connected with him. There was something there. Something special. His hand wanted to reach for his phone to text him, see how he was, contact him in someway. But Eddie had no phone, no email, no way to connect with him. Alex had never wished more that he had a landline that he could call and hear his voice.

The clock on the wall kept on its slow creep, bringing him closer to quitting time and being able to get back to his home. To Eddie. He wondered what he’d do with his day, hoping he would stay. Alex knew the world wasn’t safe for him, scared of what it didn’t understand and what was new and unusual. And Eddie… well… he’s one of a kind…

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