Gays gh – Hot Gay Hookup (Gio Lockwood & Mathieu Sire)

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Mathieu Sire and Gio Lockwood had already spent a few days hanging out and laughing, so by the time we got them together in front of the cameras, they already had inside jokes, were already finishing each other’s sentences and clearly had some great chemistry. They were already best friends. We knew this was going to be a good scene.
Gio is short. He’s 5’5" and Mathieu is 6’3". But Gio was going to be topping. So we decided that… "we’ll see how this goes."
Once we told them to get going… they just went. They’d been waiting for this to happen since they first met a few days before and once the moment was there, they went for it. But yeah… the laughing and joking around with each other continued. It’s fun to watch guys who get along that well together.
"I’m going to try to not send you home with hickies," Mathieu says, "what would your say?"

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