Description: Tugging hard on the ropes wrapped around sub jason’s neck, sweaty rugby player Master Mike secures the ends to an eyelet above jason’s head. Struggling to keep up on his feet and avoid being garroted, the sub will slowly tire as he tries to cope with the bullying misery this Master will dole out…

Blinded and denied knowledge of what is to follow, the next four blows catch the sub off guard as Mike beats jason’s rope trussed testicles hard with the leather flogger, the ends lick under his balls stinging his exposed anus….

Mike drops his shorts and orders the sub to rim him while still wearing the mouth harness. Mike’s white jockstrap fits perfectly over his muscular arse cheeks as he bends over to give jason access to his ripe sweaty hole…

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:20:37

File size: 319.5 MB

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