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Studio: Men of Montreal
Video language: English

DJ & Porn Star Dominic Pacifico was in Montreal recently and it was only fitting that this seasoned porn actor took on some of our new recruits. So for this first instalment, Dominic met up with life guard Félix Brazeau.

Dominic is a great guy, with such a down to earth and friendly attitude. He was really cool to work with.
To allow the pro and the newbie to get better acquainted, we took them into Old Montreal, along the popular Place Jacques-Cartier square. Across the street from the square, there is a beautiful water fountain that served as the backdrop for the opening segment.

Félix offered Dominic a French lesson that could help him out while he was staying in Montreal. Knowing how Félix’s mind can quickly turn to all things sexual, there was no guessing at what would happen when he invited Dominic back to his place for his lesson.

Domenic was hesitant with his first few words ‘I want to kiss you’. So Félix, in response, just dove right in and locked lips with the handsome but bashful looking Domenic. Domenic’s shyness with words quickly gave way as his body was evidently responding well to all the attention Félix was giving his chest, abs and cock, licking and sucking eagerly. Both guys stripped down and kept kissing. This is when Domenic asked Félix how to say ‘suck me’. ‘Suce moi’ was his response and ‘suce’ is exactly what our local guy did. Félix gave Domenic’s cock quite the servicing. Sucking and gagging away as Domenic kept plunging his cock deeper into Felix’s mouth.

Then Félix got up and, in turn, told Domenic to ‘suce moi’. Domenic didn’t forget the meaning of those words and got on all fours and went down on Felix’s hard cock. Things really started to cook when Félix got a bit more aggressive and started face fucking Dominic, holding his cock sucker’s head firmly in place, and throwing in some ‘suck, yeah suck me man’ and slapping Dominic’s ass loudly. Then, Félix yelped ‘Mange mon cul’. Dominic had a puzzled look and asked what that meant, but he figured it out pretty quickly when Félix turned around and shoved his ass in Domenic’s face.

Felix suggested they go to the bedroom, but on the way there, Domenic stopped and shoved his French Canadian partner up against the hallway wall and started poking his dick at Felix’s hole. Felix was hungry and Domenic decided to feed his partner’s hole with his large cock. Felix was feeling that large tool filling his hole up and once it was fully stretched, he started begging for more.

Domenic was delivering the goods and Felix was feeling them fully. The guys then moved to the bedroom and Felix, still being the assertive bottom, got Domenic to sit on the foot stool and there he started to ride his American top man for his own and our pleasure. Intense, hot!!

It wasn’t surprising that after that good fucking, Felix was in the mood to give as much as he took. He got Domenic to blow him so his cock could get back to full attention; then Domenic got on his back and Felix shoved his cock up his guest’s butt hole. Felix was definitely aggressive this day. He slapped Domenic’s face a couple of times and even braced himself around Domenic’s neck and head while fucking him. This was hot! And, Felix was getting close. He pulled out fast and came all over Domenic’s butt cheek. Félix move down to kiss Domenic and from there he motioned his French teacher over to the armchair so he could shoot his load on his face and neck. Felix smiled, said ‘Merci’ and started playing with Domenic’s cum load. Telling Domenic that he had passed his French lesson, our American porn star, chimed in with a ‘Ah ouin’, a French Canadian vernacular meaning ‘Oh Yeah!?’ And Felix respond in kind… A+!

Format: mp4
Duration: 31:27
Video: 960×544, AVC (H.264), 1759kbps
Audio: 104kbps

File size: 431.1 MB

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