Gays Elder Sorensen – Oath with President Olsen

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Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

But he wanted to enjoy this gift thoroughly. He knew he had Sorenson’s full obedience and attention and was not going to rush. Instead, he slowly watched the boy’s reaction as he felt up his narrow, youthful body, feeling his heart race under his clothes with every different placement of his manly hands.Sorensen was experienced, yes, but he knew the presence of true power and authority, and every time it felt new and thrilling to be in that presence.President Olsen stripped the boy down, watching his familiar smooth body open up to him. Sorenson was completely docile, showing no signs of delay or concern. It was as if he knew his body did not belong to him, but rather, in this moment, to President Olsen.Olsen laid the boy onto the bed, pulling off his pants and shirt, peeling away his garments and fondling his genitals as the boy watched on passively. Olsen couldn’t help but be almost giddy with his power, seeing the look of submission in his young boy’s eyes. He worshiped him. Truly.

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