Elder Hansen – The Interview – Bishop Doves

Release Year: 2018
Studio: MormonBoyz

Elder Hansen has been having a difficult time on his mission; he has struggled with homesickness, even after his companionshave tried everything to cheer him up. Now, on top of missing home, Elder Hansen has the guilt of a sexual secret on his conscience. He knows he can’t tell anyone what happened in the shower between his companions and him, or else he may be kicked out of the mission and sent home in shame.

Bishop Doves sits before Elder Hansen in a private room in the temple. He can sense the boy’s inner turmoil, and can guess that the source of his anxiety is sexual. The man gently tries to uncover the truth about the missionary’s relationship with his companions. The boy is intimidated by the giant of a man, and surprises himself with the stirrings of desire every time the man speaks with his deep, masculine voice.

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