Gays BDSM DreamBoyBondage Pack 7 (50 files)

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Release Year: 2010
Studio: DreamBoyBondage

Marine Private Joel McKeever, barely 18 years old, has proven his manhood and his devotion to country and Corps. He has been brutally tortured — whipped, punched, clamped and electrocuted – but he hasn’t revealed one iota of information. The young corporal whips his chest and stomach with the single-tail then sprays the wounds with . Joel screams in agony but he will not break! Little does he know, he is doing just what his torturers want – suffering. He is nothing but a sex toy – a fact he is about to realize. “Show me some cum, boy!” the man barks. “I want to see you cum all over those hot Marine boy abs and then I’ll let you go!” Joel is shocked, but he does what he’s told – spraying gobs of splooge all over his stomach. But he isn’t going anywhere. He will spend the night in his very own horror movie.

Total size: 17.9 GB in 50 files.

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