Gays BDSM DreamboyBondage Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 8

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Levy Foxx is flipped over onto his stomach, legs and arms spread to the corners of the torture table, his muscular back and ass flexing seductively as he pulls on the steel chains holding him in place. He is a striking beautiful young boy, with floppy hair and smooth, golden skin. “I’m sorry!” he says pitifully as prison guard Martin Thorn shows him a massive, ridged butt-plug that will soon impale his virginal ass. “Please!” Levy screams as he’s brutally fucked – for the third time in as many hours. Martin leaves the boy impaled by the massive phallus then uses a riding crop on his calves and the soles of his feet, making Levy shriek. Martin then switches to a short flogged, beating the boy’s back, ass and thighs, using the whip’s handle periodically to shove the butt-plug all the way in. The flogging continues for what seems like hours. With just enough slack to squirm and flex, Levy puts on quite the show. Then the real show begins: 15 slicing blows of the single-tail followed by a long, rhythmic fucking of Levy’s impossibly tight ass. .

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