DreamBoyBondage – Chris – Part 3 All night nipple clamps

After torturing Chris with an electric wand designed to deliver extremely painful shocks of current to the skin and underlying flesh without causing permanent damage, Jared immediately moves to the next torture: attaching biting, spring-loaded clamps to the prisoner’s nipples, ball-sack and cock. This is the second phase of a process developed by torture experts at the prison of pain: Intense, short-term torture, followed by a long, slow agonizing torture. Chris’ screams get louder as the clamps snap onto increasingly sensitive parts of his body – ending with the tip of his cock. Then he is left in agonizing pain, alone, in the dark, bolted to the wall, for eight full hours. The next day he is removed from the wall and dragged into a new dungeon for his next torture, but first Jared has a special treat: He is going to fuck his face. Next week: Sexual humiliation.

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