Gays Dirty Scout Episode 119

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When I read through this boy’s CV, I couldn’t wait to meet him in person. He was so interesting. Not because of his jobs but because of his hobbies. He liked to travel around the world, mostly visiting very exotic places. He was also a freelance yoga instructor so I expected to see a spiritually oriented young man. I was quite surprised. The boy was extremely materialistic. He loved the job I had for him, mainly because of the big salary. And he was insanely hard to bargain with. He knew his price too well. Yoga formed his body and his cool tattoos added a nice touch to it. I wanted him badly and he knew it. This beautiful but greedy bastard cost me all the money I had. And he even even insisted to wear a condom! Little arrogant shit. But he was too good to let him go unfucked.

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