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Piss Break was filmed in a 1950s metal fabrication shop replete with 10-ton machines and the combined sweat, cum, piss and testosterone of 6 decades of machinists and heavy equipment operators. The moment our all-stud cast walked into this boner inducing, blue collar sweat shop, their cocks sprang to immediate attention and they went into heat, devouring one another with a voracity rarely seen in video.

Our men waste no time donning their hard hats and getting to work on one another’s cocks, asses and muscles. The steel of the 1950s is replaced by a different kind of steel: long, thick, hard and insistent.

The buzzer sounds and Jim Ferro, the huge muscle daddy foreman, announces a piss break. Chad Brock jumps to the floor as the all muscle cast drenches his shirt, jeans and boots, then fills up his hard hat and stomach with huge loads of steaming man piss. Chad flops around in the piss puddle, wets himself down and sucks some of his own man juice. James Aaron is put on a workbench, where his gaping, tattooed, hungry fuckin’ raw pig hole gets boned by the muscle machinists. Matt Sizemore dumps a big daddy load in Aaron’s hole. James get double fucked by Boy Fillmore and Chad Brock, expertly fisted and punch fucked by Adam Faust, relentlessly and mercilessly pounded by sadistic Jim Ferro, who was wielding not only his monster cock, but in addition a huge dildo attached to a reciprocating saw. James shines and his gaping, tattooed, hungry fuckin’ raw pig hole more than lives up to its worldwide reputation.

Jim Ferro breeds Boy Fillmore’s hungry, hairy hole. Then Boy lunges onto the floor, pisses into his own mouth, and takes some major piss from the other pigs. But that’s not enough for the hungry boy, who then slips into the men’s room and sucks down 2 more gigantic piss loads. Ray Dalton is right on his heels, with his hungry pig snout between the urinals, where he sucks down 5 fast, furious, raging bladders full of stinkin’ blue collar piss. At one point, we look up and there’s Boy on a winch, from which he’s deposited on the floor to be flogged by Adam Faust, then bred and used by muscle daddy Jim Ferro.

After a tough morning at the machine shop, it’s lunch time and Ray Dalton is hungry for some of Chad Brock’s ass. Ray orders Chad up on the fork lift so he can lift him up high enough to get easy access to his man hole. He fucks Chad’s hole ’til Chad cums all over the forklift. Chad squats down over Ray’s face to feed him some more of his hot, well fucked hole. That’s just what Ray wanted to finish his lunch break and the taste of Chad’s ass makes him bust his nut.

Ray Dalton gets under the rim seat, to feast on Jim Ferro’s muscled ass. Jim uses Ray as his personal toilet and floods Ray’s mouth with salty man-piss. Ray gets to work cleaning the piss off Boy’s combat boots, then wallows in the huge puddle of piss on the floor, just like the dirty piss pig that he is. It’s then Chad Brock’s turn to get some attention and the kind of attention he wants is some ass breeding. Matt Sizemore is more than happy to accommodate Chad’s greedy hole with his 10 inches of hard meat. He fucks Chad so hard that the work bench that Chad is laying on scoots across the machine shop floor with each thrust. Matt fucks the hell out of Chad until he pulls out and shoots a gushing load all over Chad’s hard cock. Matt then scoops the cum off of Chad’s dick and coats his still hard cock, using his cock to shove that creamy load deep into Chad’s well used hole. Ray Dalton has been watching these two pigs’ breeding session and wants in on the action. He takes his turn fucking Chad’s cum filled ass, shoving Matt’s load deeper into Chad’s guts. The feeling of another man’s hot load dripping out of Chad’s ass and onto his dick is more than Ray can handle. Ray shoots his own seed into Chad’s ass, adding to the DNA cocktail that Chad’s ass wanted so badly. The thought of two huge loads in his ass drives Chad over the edge and he busts his nut all over the machine shop floor.

Our muscle machinists all punch out and go home happy and sated. Not since the 1970s has there been a video as filled with raw masculinity, testosterone and uninhibited pig action. Piss Break is a mandatory view for anyone who doesn’t want his gay card or pig card revoked.

Format: mp4
Duration: 3:14:01
Video: 800×450, AVC (H.264), 1216kbps
Audio: 219kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

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