Danny & orlando

Studio: chaosmen

I kind of was putting danny off to start doing gigs. he is exceptionally tall, and pretty lean. his dick is pretty big too, and he of course wanted to start off by topping. so i just didn’t have anyone i thought he would fit with.but he kept texting me and said he would try bottoming and would really try hard.orlando was looking for a gig and he wanted to try topping after staying so hard with kristopher.so i didn’t think this was an ideal pairing, but once i got them in the room together, the two couldn’t stop kissing and get enough of each other!they both suck each other till they get hard, something i get to show in real time. so fans of soft to hard will be happy.as far as i can tell this truly is danny’s first time messing around with a dude, and being true to his word, he totally threw himself into it.after a bit of 69ing, orlando climbs on top and he seems to have no problem taking danny’s cock. he even gets hard while riding him. finally it was time for orlando to fuck danny…

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Duration: 20:41
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