Dane, Elian & Rocky Fuck Around

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It’s past time that we’ve had us a good old-fashioned three-way here at CF, and Elian, Rocky, and Dane are eager to please! Dane is quick to point out that Rocky and Elian have nice dicks and is even quicker to get on his knees and suck them both with such enthusiasm that it’s a wonder the two of them didn’t blow a load right there!
Elian is more than eager to get another taste of Dane’s hot, tight ass, while Rocky sucks off his thick cock, before Dane fucks Elian’s mouth while fingering himself! These three studs end up, fucking, sucking, and licking in every position imaginable, with Elian fucking Dane while sucking Rocky, Rocky pounding Elian with Dane’s dick in his mouth, and Dane fucking Elian while Rocky watches—it’s hard to keep track of which stud’s big cock is in which hot, jock ass!
This episode is a display of unbridled college male enthusiasm and testosterone, and we’re positive that you’ll not only enjoy watching it but wish that you were right in the middle of it!