Gays Dallas Reeves – Nicoli Cole & Zane Anders

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Nicoli Cole comes home from the gym horny, and fortunately for him, he finds Zane Anders all alone at the breakfast table. Without much coaxing, Nicoli has his cock in Zane’s mouth quickly. It seems like Zane has been hungry for something other than cereal! Nicoli enjoys Zane’s knob job, and Zane equally enjoys working Nicoli’s fat cock. As he devours it, Zane’s own wood pops out of his shorts and he begins stroking himself. Passion overtakes Nicoli, and he stands Zane up to get him completely out of his clothes. Soon, Nicoli is returning the favor, deep-throating Zane’s rock hard cock. Zane loves it, and he grabs Nicoli by his hair and face fucks him. Nicoli isn’t content with just a cock in his mouth, though. Before long, Zane is ass-up on the table with Nicoli’s tongue buried in his beautiful pink hole. Once Zane’s ass is glistening with spit, Nicoli fingers him before shoving his bare cock deep inside. Holding Zane’s ankles in the air, Nicoli rapidly slams Zane’s hot hole. Zane can’t get enough cock and begs Zane to keep going "just like that!" Both of these studs are so worked up that Nicoli bends over to offer up his ass to Zane. Zane pounds him ferociously. His stiff pole looks amazing as he drills Nicoli’s bubble butt, and Nicoli is getting fucked so good that he lets out moan after moan. Zane picks up the pace as he gets close to busting a nut – then Zane delivers a huge load of jizz all over Nicoli’s hot ass. After a few more strokes, Zane gets on his knees to take Nicoli’s load and lick his cock clean. The studs end with a jizz covered kiss. Hot bareback flip!

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