Gays Unusual CollegeBoyPhysicals – Introducing Intern Todd Haynes (720p)

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Just finished with my nursing studies and now I get the chance to intern at the college clinic and it has me really excited…but nothing prepared me for what I was about to go thru to get the job. I heard rumors about the school clinic performing bizarre experiments like having oral and anal sex with the patients but I always chucked it up to hearsay…but I guess the rumors were true. I guess it’s some sorta initiation but, the doctor I would be working with told me I needed to get an exam…little did I know it would end up with him giving me the most amazing handjob I ever got in my life. Apparently, this sorta stuff happens here and I’m totally cool with it especially with all the hot jocks I see walking around campus. I can’t wait till I examine one of those hot studs.

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