[Cockyboys] Justin Matthews fucks Taylor Reign (1080p)

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Justin Matthews and Taylor Reign
Studio: Cockyboys

Taylor Reign had two requests for a new scene: hot Justin Matthews whose “bro vibe” Taylor thinks is “sexy as fuck”, and outdoor sex. The first request was easy to grant. However, because of cooler than expected spring weather, the second request only went so far as to give the guys some time outside to get acquainted and make out before heading inside to get REALLY warmed up. They plop down on the bed and make out some more but Taylor can’t wait—he pulls Justin’s quickly hardening cock out of his shorts and sucks away. Taylor’s oral talents work wonders on rousing the laid back Justin, who kicks off his remaining clothes and sighs heavily ass he’s sucked off. He’s also eager to give head to Taylor as he kneels above him.
Justin Matthews barely changes positions as he lies on his back and deep throats Taylor Reign. But Taylor remains ever-eager to move ahead by initiating a 69 that binds them together even more. Justin hardly has to say a word because Taylor is soon ready to take the next step. He pivots himself over Justin’s cock and slides his hole down to swallow him to the root, riding him hard. Justin Matthews continues to get more verbal with Taylor Reign even as he tries hard to keep pace with the sexual dynamo. Justin finally takes charge when he gets up and flips Taylor over and fucks him doggie style before pinning him to the bed and dominating him with his cock and voice. Justin plows him deep, unleashing his inner power top and fucking deep groans out of Taylor.

Quality: 1080p
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:19:14
Video: 1920×1080, 7000 kbps
Audio: 323 kbps, 44,1 kHz

File size: 1005 MB