Camping day

Description: Part 1:
Aaron and Josef go on a camping trip. Aaron is still assembling the tent while Josef has to go to toilet. That is exactly the moment Dimitri and Jess waited for. They overwhelm Aaron and tie him well. Then they hale Josef from the toilet and tear down his pants. They rip off their clothes and humiliate the helpless boys in any possible way.

Part 2:
Aaron lays on the ground – bound and gagged. They pulled down his undies and covered his body with dirt. Same with his mate Josef. Both victims get their asses spanked by Dimitri. The gangster put all possible things into the asses of their captives. They spit on them, torture them with water and give them a good beating in this shameful position.

Part 3:
The boys lay on the table. Tied and completely undressed. They have to bear how Dimitri and Jess penetrate their virgin cherries. The wild fuck-orgy starts immediately. Jess especially likes to torture
the gagged Aaron by changing the speed during the fuck. Meanwhile he jerks the helpless straight guy to humble and punish him even more.

Part 4:
They tie Aaron and Josef to a tree. Dimitri kicks their asses in a wild kung-fu-style. Then they spank their butts to make them red like fire. The boys are quite aggressive and abduct their victims to their tent. There they have to go on their knees and suck until they choke. Finally they get fucked on the meadow and their face will be covered with hot cum.

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