BreederFuckers – Vincent – Session 4

Tied, gagged and put on display, anal hook, arse flogged, balls pegged, made to take a leather strap to his arse without making a sound, fucked with a dildo on a stick, oiled all over till he glistens like a prize beast, milked dry and snowballed, balls clamped, electro shock to his cock.

Sporty young Vincent looks so good out of his school uniform he deserves to be put naked on display in the middle of the living room like a statue. A hook is inserted up his bum and attached to his head harness to keep him in place. Any sudden jerking or movement will cause severe pain up his rectum. His big bulging ball sack is pegged all over. A few whacks from a flogger makes him grunt like a real beast with enormous amounts of drool dripping from his ball-gagged mouth. He’s given a sinister test to see if he can take a beating to his big ripe bum while not making a sound. The next level of his training is how to take a dick up his arse while getting off.

When a big fat dildo is rammed up his hole Vincent groans but with some skilful manipulation of his cock he grows a burning hard erection. He’s milked of all his jizz as if he were nothing more than cattle being used for his potent semen. Now the sensation of getting off while forever be linked to the feeling of getting a big thick one up his arse. All that fresh healthy sperm is lapped up and spit back in his own mouth and over his face burning with shame. Now that his gonads have been emptied they are clamped with two chopsticks and given a nasty shock to drive the message home that he’s nothing more than a tamed animal.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 15:15
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2498kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 286.9 MB