Bound for Europe – The Berlin Connection

By the end, Bremer is jelly in Franky Boy’s hands, especially when he’s on all fours taking that boot stomping on him. Bremer is really in some pain, especially when Franky Boy wields the handle of that flogger, yes, the handle! At one point, due to the dim lighting, I couldn’t tell if the top pissed on Bremer; whatever the case, by the end of the scene, the power exchange was flowing toward a climax of boot-grabbing abasement. And now scene three: a marathon; just when you think the total painpig Ralf Rabe is finished, the lean, mean, sadistic Niels Nielsen (evidently a BDSM top of some notoriety in Europe during this period) devises yet another punishment. During most of the scene, Rabe’s hands are chained to the back of his neck, which allows Nielsen free rein to work his tits and cock and balls. But first, to really set the scene for the cruel abasement, Nielsen shaves Rabe’s head. The bootplay is even more intense in this scene; at one point Rabe is on the ground, ground (repetition intentional) beneath that heavy boot.

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