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Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Bishop Gibson has been a loyal and faithful servant, overseeing the inspection and induction of many young missionaries, bringing them into the fold and instructing them on how to please his fellow leaders. His youthful demeanor and spirit is familiar and appealing to the younger boys, making him an effective tool in recruitment.Still, he knows his place and yields to his superiors. He knows how to behave and when to engage. And while his obedience has been unwavering, President Faust is determined to maintain discipline.President Faust sees the way his stable of young missionaries fawn of Bishop Gibson. And why not? He’s a smart, capable, sexy young man with a blond beard and penetrating eyes. Faust knows the temptations of authority, having indulged in many himself.Even so, President Faust is more senior and has claim to the boys that have Gibson’s attention. Certain that he’s fucking him without his permission, he knows he must intervene immediately.Bishop Gibson was told to meet the president in the temple basement. He wasn’t concerned as he’d been frequently shadowing the senior leadership in order to be groomed for higher power. He knew he was heading in for a disciplinary sentence of some sort. He had no idea, however, that he was the one set for atonement…

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