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Beefcake Carlos was in a fender-bender few weeks ago, and his car got very damaged. Now that he is not living with his ex-girlfriend anymore, he found himself short on cash and decided to look for opportunities. After I gave him the details about the job, he was kind of relieved that he wasn’t required to do more than just seat down, relax, and receive a blow job. However, he was too quick in making a decision, and he changed his mind several times, to the point that I got really frustrated, and when he finally made up his mind, I was the one who didn’t want to shoot with him anymore; but after taking a look at his pictures again, I thought, hmm damn…he is adorable and has a nice cock! It is thick, just the way I like it, and he even has some extra pounds, which makes him super sexy. When we finally met, he was so nervous, that I tried to chat with him for longer, and try to make him relax, but every time I tried, it worked the opposite way. I guess I got a little nervous too, especially when I learned that he had never been sucked by another dude before, what a TURN ON! What do you think Hunters? Enjoy Beefcake Carlos!

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