Active Duty – Brian & Conrad

Active Duty writes: Brian is all about some deep throating action lately and he’s going all the way down on Conrad’s dick, taking every last inch of it down his throat as Conrad lays back and enjoys Brian’s skills. Brian seems to get lost in the moment as he makes love to the nice, long dick. Conrad rubs and plays with his own chest then moves his hands over to Brian’s back and massages it while Brian works his magic on Conrad’s cock. They position themselves on their sides and do a nice sixty-nine as both boys get a mouthful of hard dick. They are working each other’s cocks over good and each one gives the other plenty of attention.

Conrad moves in behind Brian who has assumed the position doggy style. Conrad spreads Brian’s ass cheeks apart and eats his ass, licking his hole and lubing it up for his cock that will soon follow. Conrad assumes the position and Brian tongues his hole. He’s eating it nice and slow and wiggling that tongue deep inside. Brian positions Conrad across the bed in the position and moves in behind him, slowly sliding his cock in his ass a little at a time. Deeper and deeper he’s soon balls deep and Conrad is moaning loud. Brian is fucking him good and hard and Conrad is taking it like a man. These two look so hot together and the chemistry is amazing. Conrad is ready to fuck and so Brian gives him his chance.

Brian assumes the position and Conrad saddles up for the long ride. He’s about to fuck the daylights out of Brian and he’s gonna stay in the saddle awhile. These two go at it and end out with some really great cumshots and a hot shower scene that is delicious.

Format: mp4
Duration: 45:54
Video: 480×270, AVC (H.264), 796kbps
Audio: 99kbps

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