ACS – Graham fucks Jamie

Jamie is very much attracted to Graham and looking to impress the young brown-haired stud. The attraction is very much mutual; Graham has been a fan of Jamie for a long time. He’s been jerking off to her for years! Neither can believe their luck, and definitely make the most of it!On the couch, Jamie sucks Graham’s big cock till it’s long, bulging, and rock hard. Then she hops on top of him and takes him for a ride both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Graham flips her on her back and proceeds to furiously drill into her while she looks up at his hot body and great face.Graham switches the tempo on her and we see all the different muscles he uses as the ripple and bulge with each stroke. Pushing her onto the ottoman, Graham goes to town on her from behind – and looks smoking hot doing it! Switching positions again, we marvel at the young man’s stamina while Jamie marvels over how good he feels inside her. From beginning to end, Graham impresses everyone in the room!

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Duration: 18:44
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Audio: 184kbps

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