A Winter’s Tail – Vol. 1 – (1984 Year)

What begins as a humorously detached winter excursion into the Bijou Theatre as it looked in the early 80s (note the triple XX somewhat cheesy Valley of the Dolls looking advertising signage, ah, those were the days) ends up being an ascent up a spiral staircase into Tartarus that includes a brutally exciting fisting scene which climaxes in bare feet, yes bare feet, inserted into bottomless maws. The overall transition in the film between the various components is abrupt and disconnected, and the fisting scenes sometimes end up as vague murky dark images, but the setting is historically interesting and may evoke nostalgia in some viewers. A clever beginning, with footage of winter driving (and a radio discussing Gary Hart, remember him?) and a member of the Skulls (Donut)’s voiceover making some comments about the improvements to the Bijou, once a “sleezy little pit.” He seems upset that the “cockroach in the cage” is charging him eight dollars. (The price went up!) Only after he enters the play area, ascending the spiral staircase, does he lose his sarcastic attitude and become both excited and apprehensive. The Skulls are there, he says, and he is sure “something spectacular” will happen.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 15:34
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1562kbps
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